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No wonder NBC is in the crapper. Start with lousy descriptions given to satellite info programmers, so the All Star Skills Competition is really just an "Encore" presentation of a talk show with poor highlights.

Desperate to see the skills competition, I plowed through the 2 hours plus of chat talk. The PUCK, which is sort of central to hockey, was rendered invisible by the FOUR lines of ticker-talk running over the bottom of the screen. Because there is no place to contact the idiots at NBC or, we should expect no improvement next year. The commissioner should be doing something about this debacle to promote the game and excite the fans.

What is he getting paid for? To make sure his name is on every official puck?

I feel ripped off of both time and expectation. I hope I can find some real highlights on youtube.

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I hate nhl network cause they show a preview then interview a player, show a preview interview a player over and over again. Why do they interview so many players? I'm getting tired of it.

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